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If you have not yet seen Sense8:

Run, do not walk, to your nearest Netflix account or favored alternate source. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anything as brave and complicated in exploring the question of individual and communal identity in my life. I'm going to avoid spoilers because I really feel like that would be doing anyone who hasn't seen it yet a disservice. The way the story unfolds is so elegantly done. Even stuff that would be prurient in less adroit hands, such as when characters are shown having sex, is done differently here. It's not about showing the sex and exposing these characters to the viewers' gaze so they can get their rocks off; it's about showing how that encounter is affecting the other characters.

It gets a lot of (totally justified) criticism for its slow start. You really want to watch through Episode 4 before making a judgment, but everyone I know who has seen it has agreed that they were thoroughly hooked by then. I've watched it through several times now, and it improves upon re-watching, since a lot of the meta commentary only becomes obvious upon subsequent viewing.

Caveats: towards the end, something is revealed that will probably trigger some people. I am not a member of the community most likely to be triggered, and I had to pause it for a good 20 minutes of full-on, snot-dripping, choking, asthma-attack causing sobs. Keep ye old box of tissues handy. Also there are relatively few out and out belly laughs, if that's what you're after. It does have a *very* entertaining straight boy freakout, though, so that was fun.

I am totally obsessed with this show. I am ficcing, even; about a third of a way through a monster of an AU, despite having some fairly serious RL things I should be spending my time on. I can't even bring myself to feel guilty about this.

Sense8. Watch it.

If you have seen Sense8:

I want to be Sun when I grow up.
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I ficced. Why the hell did I fic? I swore off ficcing ages ago. This fucking show, I swear...

Any, fic. Here you go.
19th-Aug-2014 09:38 am - Wrong! Yay!
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And also: DAY-UM.

And also also: Still think Scott is going to have to kill someone.
18th-Aug-2014 06:58 pm - But really, I hope I'm wrong
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After some pretty obsessive rewatching of "Time of Death," giant pointless unresolved leap off the cage and all, the theme that seemed to most important to me is "Sometimes you might have to kill someone, and that killing will be justified, and that someone might be someone you otherwise genuinely care for and whose death will hurt you." Of the current characters that we know, there's only one who qualifies, has motive (SO MUCH MOTIVE), and is played by an actor with a recent casting announcement away from MTV. There are some hints if you're thinking that way and looking for hints, but they're more circumstantial than probative.

Jiminy crickets, I want to be wrong about this.
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1) Watching everyone twist themselves into knots trying to justify the missing audio as deliberate was very entertaining, especially given how much I suspect that dialogue is going to be important down the line.

2) If who I suspect could be the Benefactor turns out to be the Benefactor, I will weep bitter tears of Jeff-Davis-you-heartbreaking-asshole, in a Stockholm Syndrome sort of way.
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I literally CANNOT STOP watching the first half of Teen Wolf S3. I went back and rewatched 1 and 2, which just reaffirmed how much Jackson annoyed me and so I'm now kind of stuck on 3. Since I'm not really writing anything anymore and don't really anticipate starting up again anytime soon For Reasons, random!thoughts are random. And determinedly non-spoilery, JIC.

1) It annoys me like whoa that whoever plays Voltron!Wolf doesn't get an opening credit shout-out, and I can't even explain why.

2) Deucalion's bad math will never stop being distracting.

3) Doesn't anyone else wonder how the guardians went poddy while being held captive?

4) In my head-canon, the HR staff from Sunnydale High moved to Beacon Hills en masse, where their special skills in cannon fodder teacher recruitment were much appreciated and well-compensated.

5) Daniel Sharman was on an Inspector Lewis episode centered around a production of the Merchant of Venice (called, predictably, "The Quality of Mercy") in which his actor character, when asked where he sees himself in 5 years, said something along the lines of "having a threesome in Hollywood." This makes Scallisaac fic the most entertainingly meta relationship currently out there. You could almost argue for canon, had his character not been a thoroughly disagreeable brat whose shenanigans lead directly to his murder in the first 15 minutes.

6) Speaking of fic, the world needs more Were!Sheriff fic. You should get on that.

Ok, fine, I need it. And once again, I can't even explain why. It just makes me happy in my happy place.

7) Lunar Ellipse as a wordplay title annoys me, but I suspect will come back to something weird about ellipses having multiple foci later on. Davis seems partial to that sort of forecasting.

8) Maybe writing this all down will let me finally clean out my VLC playlist and start anew? A girl can dream....
17th-May-2012 09:20 pm - Life gets messier
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I can't even begin to describe everything that's going on, but sufficeth to say - my professional life has been taking over my personal life, which, considering I don't have any dependents beyond a geriatric feline and some houseplants, is kind of bizarre. Something happened last summer, and it was fantastic and incredible and satisfying and financially renumerative, but it has *taken over my world.* I actually tried to disengage entirely from fandom for a while but then the awesomeness that is Teen Wolf came along. (I remember seeing the original movie with my parents back in the day. There was one funny moment and the rest was Teh Stoodip. While it's a true statement, saying the current incarnation is better than the original isn't saying much.)

So I'm trying, with at best moderate success to stay on top of things, but there will be no writing or anything for a while. Maybe in six months or so. I still have the rough draft of my H50 Big Bang fic that I wasn't able to finalize due to the amazing thing that happened last summer, which I kind of love because it deals with something that is kind of close to my heart (working in food service) and I'd really like to get it out there.

On a related note...

Dear CBS:


She causes me *physical pain* to look at.

Thank you, someone with an entirely healthy (at both ends) body fat percentage.

-Looking forward to Teen Wolf S2
16th-May-2011 09:05 pm - Life gets messy
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My life is total chaos right now. My aunt spent so long trying to get in touch with me that when I finally called her back she mentioned she was about 6 hours away from calling my parents and asking which hospital she should be sending flowers to. That's desperation right there since my aunt doesn't risk talking to my mother unless she's truly worried. It's not, like, crazy sibling issues; they generally get along fine. They just have very different values and at some point it always turns into an argument about something insane, like how important is it that your duvet cover match your valances. That is my family though. My sister and I once had a drag-out, not speaking for 2 weeks afterward argument about whether or not to put tomatoes in ceviche. I was pro. I like tomatoes.

Anyway, off-topic. What I'm trying to say is, my Big Bang isn't Banging. It's barely managing a discrete clinking noise. I made a great start and got several thousand words in when I realized I'd written myself into a corner and getting out of it would mean tossing some really fun dialogue, so I kind of retreated into this big grant project I'm supposed to be working on. (No I don't write pr0n at work. Although I have been known to outline.) I just need to reboot. When I started working on my dissertation, I spent several months weeks trying to write the introduction before I decided that the trick was to start in the middle. I had a bunch of material relating to one very specific small intermediate piece of what I was talking about, so I treated it as a basic research paper and just let it grow in both directions from there. The funny thing is none of that material made it into the final draft, but it got me *writing*, which the whole starting-at-the-beginning thing just couldn't. You think I'd have learned, but nooooooooo...

So I think I'm going to start over, but in the middle this time and see what happens.

Some random bits and pieces:

1) I kind of love that we now have canon on who's the top in Destiel. I'm not sure I agree with it, but I love it nonetheless. Rather the same way I love the fact that there's a "Bears that Knit" group on Ravelry; though it may baffle, it's just too fabulous in its very existence.

2) Speaking of the whole top/bottom thing, I'm having a lot of fun with the variety of opinions on the subject on the H5-O 'verse. Some pairings have a dominant paradigm that everyone agrees on from jump (Sentinel, anyone?) and the few brave souls that swap it up stand out for their awesome defiance of the groupthink, but 5-O fandom is definitely more undecided on the subject. For the record, to me Steve is the biggest bottom, like *ever* although I always enjoy alternate viewpoints.

3) Speaking of 5-O, I'm actually not looking forward to the finale tonight. I dislike cliffhangers in which I am certain to become emotionally invested and spend the next 4 months angsting over. Psychologists have a word for this by the way - parasociality. The immediacy and reality of TV and movies tricks our brains into thinking it's reality, and the next thing you know you're writing "Mrs. Perry King" on your social studies notebook and crying yourself to sleep because of the Moldavian wedding massacre (not that I did either of those things. Not at all. Nuh-uh.) (A bunch of people born after 1980 have no idea what I'm talking about there.) There you go: RPS explained.

4) I've been watching the BBC Sherlock kind of obsessively the last few months. I blame this on the fact that I'm going to England for a conference this year. Fortunately everything's already planned, or I'd probably spend the whole time stalking location shoots. (I may anyway, if the conference is really boring.) But also in there is the fact that it's goddamn @#$^& brilliant and makes me wish for the 100th time that I could stand Doctor Who, but apparently even this kind of brilliance isn't enough to get me over my Who issues. I can't even explain my Who issues. They just are.

There you go. I'm still around here. Somewhere. Looking for a starting point. In the middle.
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A friend was complaining the other day because she'd had a hard drive failure and despite backing up, had lost the items in her iTunes library that she's imported from CD. She still had the CDs, so her biggest inconvenience was having to reload all the CDs and rebuild her playlists and really, that's just time, and she admitted that this was a totally first world problem and everyone should be so lucky but was still annoyed.

Add to the list of "oh how we suffer so!" first world problems the fact that because the former Soviet Union is still having some trouble getting into the swing of things like "representative democracy" and "free speech" 20 years later, I'm having trouble getting my Friends page to load and am therefore suffering a terrible pr0n deficiency . I'm not sure it gets much more "we gotta find *something* to whine about" than that. (I still remember the first Russian flag I saw live after the fall of the Soviet Union. I was in Barcelona, just before the 1992 Olympics, and it was on a cargo ship in the harbor. I remember thinking "everything's going to be better now!" What did I know...)

In conclusion you must read this. The fun, cracky take on Big Brother of the BBC Sherlock variety. More fun than a bed full of dead badgers.
Title: The 5-0 Task Force Annual Performance Review Jamboree!

Author: Fatima_failte

Fandom: Hawaii 5-0 (2010)

Rating: FRT (bad words, implied smexing)

Genre: Um... Bureaucratic forms? Has its serious moments but mostly crack. Go with experimental. Highly experimental.

Warnings: Mostly the experimental thing. Nothing serious. Linguistic shenanigans only a bureaucrat could love. I strongly suspect the whole concept to be flawed from jump, but I’m bored and feel like posting something.

ETA: So I posted this and went straight to bed and woke up to a dozen messages telling me no, *not* flawed from jump, so you can ignore that bit. I'd edit it out but I'm not into revisionist history.

Pairing: Steve/Danny

Length: Like 10,000 words, but not a 10,000 word narrative. (See prev. re: experimentalness.)

Spoilers: References to events through 1.18

Disclaimer: No ownership position, no renumeration derived.

Summary: The Governor promised Steve no red tape. Danny on the other hand, she could wrap up in the stuff like a fly in a spider web.

Author’s Notes: I really have no explanation for this except to say that the hiatus started at about the same time I had to write the annual performance evaluations for my team. In the midst of trying to figure out how to say that if one person didn’t get over her crippling shyness we were going to have to move her to a different department (“[personName] is an effective employee within the contexts where she feels secure, and we strongly encourage her to seek opportunities to proactively increase her comfort level in other areas, especially those relating to interpersonal communication, as she continues in this division.”) I thought “Hey, I bet the 5-0 team annual reviews are hysterical!” And the next thing I knew I was googling WYSIWYG HTML editors and brainstorming euphemisms for “hand grenade.”

So, the layout here is the annual reviews are on the left and the running commentary from Steve and Danny are on the right. There’s more commentary on Chin’s and Kono’s since Steve and Danny are actually writing those. Some of the more generic stuff is repeated across the four evaluation forms. Hopefully it all makes something like sense outside of my head. I also took this opportunity to explain away some troubling issues of Constitutional law that the producers have chosen to ignore. Because I can, damnit!

I stole most of the generic evaluation criteria from our in-house forms, so I’d like to thank M, the HR person who, unbeknownst to her, wrote rather a lot of this.

Prologue: Steve nodded. When Danny got like this, that was usually the safest course of action.
Chapter 1: Steven McGarrett
Chapter 2: Daniel Williams
Chapter 3: Chin Ho Kelly
Chapter 4: Kono Kalakaua
Epilogue: Or at the very least a strong multipurpose cleaner.
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